After a decades-long freeze, the forest is back on the Washington agenda. For Nordic companies, this provides a rare opportunity to contribute and benefit.       

What’s happening

Devastating fires, insect infestations, climate change, rural unemployment and energy insecurity have sparked urgent debate over the management and uses of America’s forest resources. Public opinion, commercial interests and politics are all in flux.

The U.S. government is launching an in-depth review of forest management practices in general and the use of woody biomass and other feedstocks for sustainable energy production specifically.

These developments have already created a heightened demand for new solutions and best practices. Opportunities for new players, new markets and new approaches to sustainability appear at a quickening pace. 

What many are starting to call the Year of the Tree is a long-awaited opening to raise awareness and affect change in the vast American forests and the fledgling renewable fuels markets. The Nordic countries’ long success in balancing commerce with healthy forests offers useful lessons in the American setting.   

What’s in it for you

The Year of the Tree is a unique opportunity to engage with American decision-makers, shape the discussion and pave the way for your business success in the United States. We in the Nordic West Office Washington team will put you in the middle of the debate as a company and as a representative of the greater Nordic forestry ecosystem.

We will provide insights on relevant trends and fast-breaking developments in legislation, policies and regulations. We will help you monitor and interpret the transition’s effects, shape your message, seek new partners in the public and private sectors, recognize and seize the growth opportunities and raise your visibility among policy-makers and other thought-leaders.

We will be your eyes and ears on the ground.


Project team

Kristiina Helenius

Director for North America, NoW USA

Douglas L. Faulkner

President, Leatherstocking LLC

Mimosa Giamanco

Project Manager, NoW USA

Bianca Hutton

Assistant Director, NoW USA

Hanna Ojanen