Should the Nordics, together with Silicon Valley, lead the search for a fair society in the Age of AI? Or shall we leave it to the Chinese?

AI gives huge possibilities to solve the burning issues of our time, including climate change. However, cooperation between politicians, civil society and corporations is needed in issues related to regulation and innovation.

The Nordic model has made the Nordics known for their ability to connect good societies and technological advancements. However, it is in need of constant updating. Our best chance is to use AI to develop even better Nordic model and make Finland and Sweden superpowers in AI.

A platform to think about these issues is needed - the discussion on the rules of the game can’t be postponed.

This is why Nordic West Office launched the initiative at Slush 4 December 2018.

Risto E. J. Penttilä, CEO, Nordic West Office: “Silicon Valley has the best technologies. The Nordics have the best societies. The question is: should we bring together Nordic and US tech companies, experts, NGOs and start-ups to think about the ethical and political implications of AI?”

Speakers included Alexander Stubb, Vice President, European Investment Bank; Pekka Lundmark, CEO, Fortum; Aida Hadzialic, Director for Northern Europe, Nordic West Office; Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO; Peltarion, Jussi Tolvanen, CEO, Microsoft; Antti Järvinen, Country Manager, Google.

All participants were unanimous in their support for the initiative and for the need to take the question of Good Society in the Age of AI Forward.

The next step is deciding the first themes to be tackled. This will be done in the spirit of co-creation.

Possible streams include AI and Climate Change; AI and Public Policy: Three Approaches; Universal basic income: For and Against.

Please contact us if you are interested in following the initiative and tell us whether you want to be part of the conversation, feel free to rank the themes  and add your own. We hope to arrange the first workshop in the beginning of the new year.

Contact details:

Risto E. J. Penttilä, CEO
+358 50 366 2395

Anni Marjomaa, Project coordinator
+358 44 783 2633

Hanna Ojanen