Top experts and industry players have joined forces to establish a new management consultancy to help Nordic companies navigate the disrupted western marketplace.  The company is called Nordic West Office. It will operate in a strategic partnership with leading US law firm Orrick, a Nordic communications group Miltton and Oxford Analytica, a UK based expert on global affairs.

The CEO of the company is Risto E.J. Penttilä, the former CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce. Kristiina Helenius, the former CEO of Amcham Finland will be heading the U.S. Operations. Former CEO and Chair of Nokia, Jorma Ollila will be the Chairman of the Board. In addition, the leadership team includes high-profile names such as the former U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Charles C. Adams, who is now a partner with Orrick, the former Swedish Minister of Education, Aida Hadzialic, as well as Mathias Järnström, CEO of the Miltton Group. The company will have a strong presence in Washington DC, Stockholm and Helsinki.

“With Brexit, Trump, and the accelerating technological revolution, we are living in the middle of a major shift in world politics and economics. Nordic West Office will help Nordic companies to analyse and to benefit from the changes”, says Penttilä.

By combining international expertise in academia, society, law, diplomacy and media, Nordic West Office offers Nordic companies a new type of platform which combines select elements of think-tanks, with communications and legal-services outfits. With a strong international network, Nordic West Office will offer its clients tailored analysis and monitoring of the global political and trade landscape. Penttilä will be stationed in Helsinki, Helenius in Washington, and Hadzialic in Stockholm. Ambassador Adams acts as a non-executive director in his capacity as the Orrick liaison. 

During the coming fall and the year 2018, The Nordic West Office will organize a Global Scenario Project in collaboration with Finland Chamber of Commerce and Oxford Analytica, the leading international consulting firm providing strategic analysis of world events. The Global Scenario Project aims at decreasing the uncertainty caused by the current situation in world politics. The project investigates, defines, and predicts the effects of the geopolitical, economic, and technological changes on the Nordic economies. A dozen Nordic companies, all big exporters with world-wide value chains, have joined the project. 

“I am extremely excited to be launching this new platform together with such a strong team and our international partners, Orrick and Oxford Analytica. Helping Nordic companies in the U.S. marks a big step and a significant milestone in our goal to build the first Nordic-based world class communications and marketing infrastructure catering for Nordic customers in particular”, says Mathias Järnström, the Managing Director of Miltton Group. Nordic West Office is a subsidiary of Miltton.

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